Vegan for the Holidays!
Download my New e-Book Now...
Vegan for the Holidays!
Download my New e-Book Now...
Enjoy Healthy Recipes and Tips to Enjoy Guilt-Free Gatherings with Family and Friends
Enjoy Healthy Recipes and Tips to Enjoy 
Guilt-Free Gatherings with Family and Friends
No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime with Advance Notice.
No Contracts or Monthly Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

 What’s Included in this e-Book:
 What’s Included 
in this e-Book:
  • My New Recipe e-Book: In this e-book you’ll find 35 delicious and enriching recipes to get you through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or any holiday you celebrate. 
  • Holiday How-To Dos: this section of the e-book covers... How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays, How to Avoid Meat and Dairy During the Holiday Season, How to Prevent and Handle Cravings, How to Eat Vegan in Social Settings, How to Overcome Holiday Depression and Addiction, Food Shopping and Meal Planning Tips, Tools Tips & much more...
  • ​Inner Circle Facebook Support Group Access Until Dec. 31st:  This means that you can receive extra support from me, my team, and our community on your journey. From now until the last day of the year, you’ll be part of my Inner Circle Facebook Group! I will do a live check-in in this private Facebook group twice per week so that you can ask me questions and get support, and you will have the opportunity to talk and exchange ideas with others on this journey, too! It’s a package deal for you this season! You will have all of the recipes and community support you need to keep you committed and motivated, and to succeed. 
  • Bonus #1 - Two Video Interviews: I sat down with Joe Cross in Mallorca, Spain to answer your questions about juicing. Joe is the man who helped to transform the world with his award winning documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead! As a bonus, this plus some other goodies will be added inside your membership portal. 
  • Bonus #2 - Live Webinar Recording on "How To Overcome Emotional Eating" : On this 2-hour webinar training, you we learn all about emotional binge eating, how to overcome addictions, how to beat cravings, and how to find food freedom that lasts! 
Sneak Peak! Epic Holiday Dishes...
Sneak Peak! 
Epic Holiday Dishes...
A Note from Me...
A Note from Me...
Hello My Beautiful Friends!

I am so happy to announce my very first Vegan for the Holidays e-Book!

Getting through the holiday season can be difficult enough, especially if you're trying to go vegan or eat healthy, so I've created an all-encompassing e-book with helpful tools, guided tips, and delicious recipes to help you commit to your health goals successfully this season.

Not only does this e-book share 35 of my favorite healthy holiday recipes, but also it shares my best tips to enjoy social gatherings with family and friends. 

I cover topics like how to prevent binging and cravings during the holidays, how to eat vegan in social settings, and even how to better deal with holiday addiction or depression.

The e-book also includes 5 set menus that you can use for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, quick late night dinners, gifts, and parties.

Enjoy everything from my casseroles, stuffings, tarts, holiday nog, pie, dips, cupcakes, and much more, completely guilt-free! 

Everyone who downloads my e-book will receive FREE access into my private Inner Circle Coaching Group until December 31st, and I will be going LIVE in this group twice week to answer your questions. This is a beautiful community where you can get the support you need during the holidays.

Go vegan this season, save animal lives by keeping them off your plate, and help the environment by committing to a plant-based sustainable lifestyle.

Download my new e-book NOW to receive more 120 pages worth of valuable content to help you get through the holidays feeling healthy and vibrant. Click on the link in my bio or in the description below to get your copy now.

I hope that you enjoy my NEW Vegan for the Holidays e-Book!

Thank you and much love,

There's More... Sneak Peak Desserts!
There's More... 
Sneak Peak Desserts!
How To Access the e-Book
How To Access the e-Book
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    Are you interested in eating healthier or changing your lifestyle in general? Kristina is a wealth of information! She has been on a healing journey as a Fully Raw Vegan for 14 years, and is impacting not only her local community, but also around the world. I’ve recently just returned from her Bali retreat, and it was everything I could have ever dreamed of experiencing. It was awesome to experience her community first hand. I’ve been loving her book and programs for years now, and I highly recommend them. She also has an amazing online community with tremendous support. Her challenges are and engaging, and the e-books are awesome. Kristina’s app is also extremely user-friendly, and not only gives you the recipe with accompanying videos, but also provides shopping lists for you that is easily available on your phone at the grocery store. Thank you Kristina for helping to inspire this healthy lifestyle!
    - Christine Gray
    Kristina‘s online challenges have really save my life! I have dealt with serious chronic illness and struggled to find food options that allowed my body to heal and feel light again. Participating in Kristina’s FullyRaw challenges has renewed my faith in food! Her recipes are so simple to create. When I started her smoothie challenge, my sister saw how much I loved the recipes (and how easy it was to prepare) and wanted to join me. I would be totally lost on my own trying to figure out a food plan without having had the success and reward from her recipes. Kristina has inspired me to understand eating health can be easy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
    - Amanda M.
    I am over the moon with the challenges Kristina creates. They are full of colour, vibrancy and originality. The pictures are amazing and every recipe, fantastic! I love that she creates daily videos and adresses the issues we are all going through throughout the challenge. The inner circle is my new family and it is such a kind, loving and safe place to share our struggles, share our finds, share our every day lives with like-minded people. I am forever grateful for you, Kristina, for sharing this amazing lifestyle that anyone can follow, even be it only to have one raw meal a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    - Zen Lefevre
    My journey with Breast Cancer led me to the Raw Food Lifestyle in 2002, I was fully raw for almost two years then I went to a Vegan/Raw Lifestyle…Fast Forward to when Kristina started her journey on YouTube…I do not believe in coincidence, our paths were meant to cross..I have followed her ever since.. she understands that Being Raw is not a diet, but it is a Lifestyle that encompasses ALL.. including Mind, Body & Spirit…Kristina’s undying love and compassion for this Lifestyle and people is evident in everything she does…and is reflected in the members of the Inner Circle which I am very happy and proud to be a part of…Thank you Kristina for Everything!
    -Cindy Bowles
    My name is Andrea. I am 49 years old and I would describe myself as 100% vegetarian (since ‘07), 95% vegan, and 50% raw vegan. I strive to become 100% raw vegan because I believe the more I eat raw vegan meals, the more my health will improve. Since Alzheimer’s runs in my family, my personal goal is to break the cycle with diet and lifestyle. My biggest challenge is dining with others who are not vegetarian or vegan especially while attending workplace meetings, after hours events, or dining with family members. Kristina has shared plenty of tools, tips and delicious recipes which have really helped me navigate dining with others and increase the amount of fully raw meals I eat daily.

    I have followed Kristina for several years on social media, participated in several of her challenges and joined her in Bali for her first ever Fully Raw retreat. I have to say Kristina is a genuine down to earth person who has a passion for helping others. Kristina has a true talent for making amazingly delicious raw food recipes and helping others on their journey.

    I believe eating raw vegan is the pinnacle of healthy eating. Why not make the commitment to your health with Kristina’s full support? I highly recommend following Kristina on social media, signing up for her next Fully Raw Challenge, and joining her Inner Circle. Following Kristina has been the best decision I have ever made for my health!
    Andrea Perry
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